To buy a new or used laptop replacement screen?

  Toby__Anderson 20:04 21 Mar 2017


Recently bought a second hand Macbook Pro 13" off a friend for £150.00 ($187.00). The screen is broken and needs to be replaced. I can buy a new screen/flawless second hand screen for about £150.00 ($187.00) on eBay and then re sell the laptop on almost perfect condition with only a few slight scratches on the bottom.

I can also get a laptop screen for £39.00 ($48.00) that is grade C and has one major dent in the corner of the screen but it works perfectly. (I have attached images of the dent and scratch).

I am wondering whether I should get the £39.00 screen as it would save me £110.00. Although I'm not very experienced on selling and what people pay for so I have a feeling that I would not sell the laptop for £110 more simply because the screen is in better condition but I'm not sure.

For instance, if I were to sell it for £350.00 with the dented screen then I have made £160.00 profit but if I sell it with the good screen I would have to sell it for at least £460.00 to make the same profit.

What are people experiences and opinions on this? Also, how much would you sell/buy said laptop for, keep in mind I live in the UK if that makes any difference to pricing etc...

Specs: intel i5 2.5ghz, 4gb Ram, 500gb HDD

Screen images: click here,



  Forum Editor 22:43 21 Mar 2017

We don't provide help with selling prices for used equipment. This is a judgement you will have to make yourself.

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