buttons if folders gone??

  aceguy 18:05 14 Dec 2004

a few days ago i noticed the previous\go back botton has gone out of the folders in my documents.i have tried everything to fix this - system restore and have been into all menus in folders - no luck? anyone got any ideas how to fix this. not major but is buggin me!

  Dorsai 18:18 14 Dec 2004

The first thing i would try is to open any folder at all. Right click on any unused part of the tool bar, and hopefully the menu that pops up will have an option 'customise' at the botton. left click on 'customise'. a new window should open.

There should be a pane on the left 'avaliable buttons' and one on the right 'current buttons'.

If the 'go back' button is in the list on the left (you may need to scroll up or down the list to find it), left click on it, and drag it into the pane on the right, and drop it where you want it.

  aceguy 18:22 14 Dec 2004

i right clicked on edit in my documents and then ticked standard buttons!! sorted. cheers! dont know how that happened???

  Dorsai 18:29 14 Dec 2004

glad to hear it. Can you tick the 'resolved' box please, just to let all and sundry here know you have solved your problem..

Happy Xmas.

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