button with a link

  holligan 14:28 05 Feb 2004

I have done a button but cant work out how to do a link click here


  Taran 18:09 05 Feb 2004

What are you asking ?

What is the type of link you want to assign to the button ?

  holligan 18:33 05 Feb 2004

so it stands out more with the button


  Taran 18:59 05 Feb 2004

Click the Button Navigation Bar icon and draw your button on your page.

In the object Properties panel select Custom after removing all ticks in the Multi Level options. It will show Multi level options by defualt but just click on Custom after removing the ticks under Multi Level.

Now you can click Edit Custom... button.

This calls up the hyperlink properties for the navigation bar you added and removing the ticks from the Multi Level areas removes links to pages on your site.

You can select the link type - you want the External option - then select Mailto: from the drop down menu. Either select your email link if you already have one in your site, or manually type it in, then click on Save.

Finally, you might need to remove the page name[s] from the right panel of the link window if you have a series of links to the pages on your site, and you can add your email link to the panel on the right and rename the button text to something relevant in the Display name column.

There are other ways but this is one of the simplest.

  holligan 19:47 05 Feb 2004

But iam doing it from forms button. not the nav

i dont no if thats right if not i will do it your way.

sorry for confussion but i no that for some other time

  Taran 20:42 05 Feb 2004

The forms button will only work if you follow certain steps. That is why I outlined the above. Form buttons are meant to be used within a form for standard tasks such as Send, Reset and similar. They also require a form area to work effectively and from a previous thread I was under the impression that your web host did not support any script options for form handling.

Are you trying to put a button on the page and assign an email hyperlink to it to open up your site visitors email program ?

Or perhaps you are trying to make a form send its contents to your email address ?

I could do with a little more information than "email link so it stands out more with the button" to give you a suitable solution.

  holligan 20:49 05 Feb 2004

a button with email me. rarther then just email me with text i want email me on a box.


  Taran 21:21 05 Feb 2004

Is this the same sort of thing we did a little while ago with the email hyperlink, where the subject was filled in automatically ?

You want a button on a page which will open up Outlook Express [or whichever email program your site visitor is using] and it will fill in the email address to send to - your email addresss.

Is that what you want ?

  holligan 22:07 05 Feb 2004

but i want the email to stand out ie the button not just text i can do the link with text but cant do it with a button.

i hope iam not confussing you haha

  Taran 22:25 05 Feb 2004

Yes, you are confusing me.

If you follow the steps I outlined initially you can assign an email hyperlink to a button.

You can alter the button to look like any of the styles in NetObjects and you can alter the text on the button to say whatever you like.

Beyond that, if I give you the instructions on how to do something similar using a form button I'll only confuse you, then we'll both be stuck.

  holligan 12:15 06 Feb 2004

i will have a go at what you said iam lost without a printer so i can follow the instrusions but ill have a go

cheers, sorry for doing your head in.

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