busy signal on internet dial up everytime!!

  TallTom 16:15 10 Nov 2003

tryin to use the aol 45 day trial cd to get my computer on the internet but everytime it dials up i get a busy signal.

i've tried at all different times of the day several times and all days of the week.

i called Aol, they gave me some more numbers to use but they had exactely the same effect.

can anyone help/

  Lozzy 16:37 10 Nov 2003

Do you have a BT Line and call back on your line, BT's answering service??

  [email protected]@m 16:42 10 Nov 2003

Are you connecting to a BT line directly? Not through an office call connect system? Or a cable line?

  anchor 13:09 11 Nov 2003

Perhaps everyone on their trial is using the same group of numbers, and they are being swamped with calls. Hence, the busy signal.

Do you have an alternative "pay-as-you-go" ISP you can try, in order to confirm no problems at your end; (it appears that you may, as you have posted here).

If you are successful in connecting to the alternative, then it does not inspire confidence in AOL, who are allowing too many people to use the same numbers.

  TallTom 15:23 17 Nov 2003

i am connecting to the line directly, but i will double check it is a bt line (would having call back or the answering service disrupt the connection process then?)

Anchor, i will give a pay-as-you-go isp a try to check the line.

Thanks for your help

  anchor 16:20 17 Nov 2003

I don`t think having call back, or an answering service would affect it, (check with BT if in doubt), but call waiting might cause problems, if a call came in whilst you were on line.

Another thing, with some BT services, such as call divert on busy, there is a intermittent dial tone. This will confuse the modem. If this is the case, untick the "wait for dial tone" in modem properties. You can access this from the control panel. I once had this problem, and both my ISP and BT were not able to help with a solution. I discovered it by accident.

Let us know if the connection to a "Pay-as-you-go" ISP works OK.

  TallTom 17:29 17 Dec 2003

found the problem. The phone line i was using turned out to be a telewest line.

So guess i'll have to go with them or get the phone line changed

One more question: if i go broadband does the ethernet card i have act as the modem, or do i need to plug in a seperate broadband modem.


  Mike ® 20:43 17 Dec 2003

As an ex aol user I semm to recall that in the various uk numbers, there was at least one for non bt users. Mind you I could be wrong!

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