business website what now?

  drdeath 15:38 24 Feb 2004

ok the websites up and running, what now in terms of registering company name, vat, etc etc.

any other advice would be appreciated. kind regards

  Taran 15:52 24 Feb 2004

In brief:

Under the Companies Act 1985 [and later additions] only limited companies need to be registered with Companies House. Sole traders and private partnerships do not need to register.

click here for lots more info.

You do obviously need to register yourself self-employed and notify the Inland Revenue and National Insurance Contributions Agency. You may apply for an exemption from additional NI contributions if you are currently full-time employed and running your self-employed staus in your own time - your earning must be less than £4095 for this exemption to apply.

VAT is a different kettle of fish. The VAT threshold is currently £56,000. You can voluntarily register even if you fall below that amount.

click here

  Taran 15:57 24 Feb 2004

I should add that the above is a very, very oversimplified version of the facts. I suggest spending some time at the two links I gave you as well as running some searches online and contacting your local Tax office who will happily send out some literature for you to read.

The Inland Revenue also have a free business startup kit that they will send out to you full of useful information, facts and figures and you can register with them online:

click here

this is nothing to do with the question, Taran has well covered the answers, but remember advertising is everything! you shouldn't miss an oppurtunity, Give us a link! (some of us are probably more tan a little intrigued to see which Idea you settled on having read your prior posts)

  drdeath 16:04 24 Feb 2004

Thanks for your time fellas!!!!!

another quick question, although ill be working from home, i would like a 'business address' on the homepage rather than my home address, ideas, suggestions please .

  PurplePenny 16:54 24 Feb 2004

You could get a PO Box or go to a mailing box company (which I think works like a PO box but not provided by the PO!). Don't know how much any of these cost.

  drdeath 16:59 24 Feb 2004

hi penny hope you are well.
i dont think it looks good on website home pages to have a PO box? as your address, ive tried mailbox companys who charge throught the roof!!!
kind regards

  Forum Editor 17:44 24 Feb 2004

and use your home address - millions do. More important is a decent set of business stationery, a fax/telephone answering setup, and a good website.

In today's commercial world people understand that many businesses are run from homes - it doesn't matter about that. What matters is good communications and efficient fulfilment of orders/commissions/contracts.

Respond rapidly and professionally to enquiries and you'll be off to the right start.

  PurplePenny 21:38 24 Feb 2004

We use our home address. Unless the person reading the address knows the locale they have no way of knowing whether an address is a house, a shop, an office or just a drop box.


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