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A business Website no longer able to use

  wotsitallabout 18:33 14 Aug 2015

Hello I am told by my hoster that MS frontpage is no longer available. they advise that I use an alternative FTP publishing tool or re-doing my website using an alternative website builder tool.

What advice can you give please, I really am not experienced. Best Alan

  Jollyjohn 19:12 14 Aug 2015

Your website is written using HTML which uses to tell the browser what to do with certain bits of text etc. You can use a simple notepad program to write your website, but this is a lot of work. Frontpage took some of the hard work out by prompting you to remember bits of code plus it used colours on the text that helped you recognise bits of HTML code and errors in your text. Finally it had an FTP section built in that would send your site to your hoster.

I use FireFTP which is an Add On to Firefox to publish my site and can recommend it.

Only if your website is very complicated do you need a website builder tool, once set up, most websites can be edited / updated using Notepad

  wotsitallabout 12:50 15 Aug 2015

Thank you Jollyjohn. My hoster tells me that Front Page Extensions have been made redundant now by MS. (not quite as I said above, my error) as MS do not support it.I have been using Front Page now What do I do? Do you know if I would be able to copy my existing Front page website to your recommended one please. Thanks for your trouble. Best Alan

  Jollyjohn 14:03 18 Aug 2015

Apologies for the delay in replying, been a bit busy. Have a look at this - click here It gives a couple of suggestions about what to do now frontpage extensions are no longer supported.

I have not used frontpage in a very long time, I did an open university course in web design and wrote my site just using notepad, but it is a very basic site.
Wordpress is an alternative, as mentioned in the link.

I would suggest setting up FireFTP, ensuring you have a back up copy of your site, set up wordpress and try making changes and if they look ok on your PC, upload them using FireFTP

  wotsitallabout 16:33 24 Aug 2015

I am working on ll this, there is a lot to read, thanks. Best Alan

  Jollyjohn 13:32 04 Sep 2015

click here to Wordpress - appears very good - Read the documentation, lots of help here.


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