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  OC75 21:11 09 Mar 2009

I have just started workin for myself and need to purchase PC and/or laptop asap!. I will need to go to clients sites, so am thinkin a laptop is best but should I purchase a cheap laptop and a good quality PC to keep in the office at home, or just go with a good quality laptop for all needs. I won't really have much need for any specialist software packages. I reckon at this stage I would need, word, excel, powerpoint, access, adobe professional and visio. I am veering towards choosing Dell or HP but not exactly sure why. So what's my best options? I am guessing I will need back up support as well.

I will also need to buy printer, scanner, copier. I am thinkin HP office jet combo range. I shouldn need to print large volumes but I might occasionally need to print a few hundreds pages. I would need an inbuilt doc feeder. Again your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  raziel08 10:46 10 Mar 2009

My advice would be to buy a single laptop. This will safe you money and will take the hassle out of synching the files between the office pc and the laptop. Hp are good for printers so thats a good choice.

By the way are you just printing text documents or colour images?

As for dell they charge a little bit too much for a basic laptop so consider another supplier such as cclonline. They have a wide range of laptops which aren't too pricey and they have good technical support. You could also try

  OC75 11:00 10 Mar 2009

So what laptop should I buy. I will buy a detachable hard drive for backup. I reckon will need 2 -3Gb ram and no more than 250GB hard drive. Please note the programmes I need to run when advising.

Most of my documents will be text based, but occasionally will need to print presentations, shoudln't need very high qulaity images. Will need document feeder. Again any tips on make n model.

I am afraid myt level of knowledge is v low, so I virtually need it chosen for me!!

  raziel08 11:06 10 Mar 2009

Ok what is the approximate budget for the laptop and for the printer, scanner, copier?

  raziel08 12:09 10 Mar 2009

The following should be a link to a nice business laptop.

click here

and a printer/scanner/copier

click here

Hopefully the links should work.

  raziel08 12:11 10 Mar 2009

Sorry forgot to add that i don't think that the printer has an "inbuilt doc feeder". i assume you mean a paper try?

  wiz-king 13:29 10 Mar 2009

Now I will throw a spanner in your works.*grin*

I would suggest that you get a good PC for the 'office' with a voice / fax /data modem. This will take care of your office while you are out and about - there's nothing worse that having a phone number that is not answered and will also give you the ability to send and receive faxes.
It will depend on the nature of your business whether you can use a mobile phone while you are out and about. (I hate it when a rep or engineer comes to see me and their phone goes off in the middle of a meeting.) I would also suggest you contact a local PC system support/repairer for advice, the one I used for a few years until our network got too complicated was click here he may be able to get you all set up and working and may save you a lot of your time.

  OC75 18:54 10 Mar 2009

Thanks this is useful. In terms of budget, I don't want to spend more than £500 on laptop and £200 on printer/scnaner/copier. I reckon I need to ensure it has capacity to print and scan 20 or 30 pages with no problem. I need laptop will run the programmes mentioned earlier with no probs. I intend to get some kind of support package? what is PC world like??

  raziel08 10:05 12 Mar 2009

Sorry but you haven't given us a list of the programmes that you need to run on your computer.

  2bathred 20:16 17 Mar 2009

Open Office Org 3 does just as well and costs nothing.

  raziel08 13:35 26 Mar 2009

Thanks for that Midgetnija. Must have skipped over the list of programmes when i read it. I have used open office and it does have some very useful features not seen in Microsoft office. It is also much easier to use.

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