Business Cards in Works Suite ??

  hawthorn59 01:09 23 Apr 2004

Hi All

Hope a Works Suite question is acceptable here. I have Works Suite 2002 installed, and just recently I needed to create some business cards for my own use. I cannot find any way to do this task in Works Suite. Is this actually possible?
Surely this would be a fairly basic and everyday task many users would need to do?

There is a wizard or template for practically every other task you could imagine but not for this, as far as I can see.

I searched the Microsoft site for help and there was some article about creating business cards in Word but I think it was just filling in the informationin labels. i doubt if you could include clipart or fancy lettering.

I also saw reference to a Works Suite 2004 "create business cards". Hmm. Maybe it has come at last but i dont have 2004 !

Is there any way, or any shareware programme that might help? Shame on Microsoft if Works Suite cant do it!


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