Bush tv won't power up. Burnt PCU

  Brucey20 19:11 16 May 2018

So i have a 40inch Bush tv model number LCD40884F1080P

Will not turn on or show any signs of life, opened it up and see a part of the power supply board burnt next to were the prongs in which the power supply is connected. I'm assuming it's going need a new PCU so if anyone has one for sale?

  alanrwood 10:04 17 May 2018

The question is what caused the Power supply to burn up. It could be a fault somewhere else in the circuitry which would burn up any new Power board.

  Brucey20 12:40 17 May 2018

How would i be able find this out?

  alanrwood 15:05 17 May 2018

If you need to ask that question then you don't have the expertise to try. Leave it to a professional is my advice.

  Brucey20 15:07 17 May 2018

I'll just search it up on youtube then, I'm no professional but I'm learning

  alanrwood 18:40 17 May 2018

Playing around inside a TV is dangerous even if switched off. You could easily get a fatal electric shock. U-Tube is not the fountain of all knowledge. Don't risk it is the best advice I can give.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 17 May 2018

you need to take it to a TV repair shop and get a quote, you're probably looking at £60-£80 there fore depending on the age of the TV it may be better to put the money towards a new TV.

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