Burnt out motherboard and power supply....:-(

  catman2000 13:34 02 Dec 2003

Hi all, a little advice if anyone can assist..... in july i put together a pc, buying the componets etc from local computer fairs. However, the clip from the power supply to the motherboard has decided to burn itself out, rendering my pc useless!!!

There are four pins that seem to have burned out, ruining the clip on the motherboard. I am sure the power supply must be the thing to blame, but was wondering whether anyone had experienced anything similar and what they did.

Does anyone know whether the clip on the m/board (the one the power supply locks into!) can be repaired?

Any advice is welcome....THANKS!

  Socalled 13:52 02 Dec 2003

probably cost more to repair (if it can be) than what you paid for it, did you buy mobo and case from same retailer by any chance? if so take it back and see what they say.
Good luck

  siliconbits 14:16 02 Dec 2003

Motherboard, esp. AMD platform, is cheap at ebuyer.com from as from £20. So better buy one.

  catman2000 15:52 02 Dec 2003

Unfortunately I didnt buy from the same supplier, my guess is they will both give me the run around!! Just annoying as the m/board was about £100 and the case £40!


  woodchip 16:31 02 Dec 2003

Sorry but do not know what clip you are on about I have a ATX setup and no PSU motherboard clip . Only thing that goes to mobo is the multi connector

  Socalled 16:37 02 Dec 2003

what was the capacity of the psu in the atx box?
if you can see visible signs of burns on the power connector ? my money would be on a faulty psu which as you know comes with the case,so take the system back to the retailer who sold the case to you,and tell him because of the faulty psu this has blown the mobo,
good luck.

  sil_ver 16:40 02 Dec 2003

guess that's what he's on about, might have not plugged it fully home causing arcing. mobo good buy AsRock latest board (can't remember type) for £30-35. just fitted one, great value, nearly kept it for myself.

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