burnt DVD will not play on my DVD player?

  Monty101 15:33 23 Nov 2008

Have burnt DVD+R with NERO 9 & it plays brill.Have burnt on a DVD+RW AND IT WONT PLAY ON dvd PLAYER?.Have tried all i can think of,Laptop & DVD player both compatable with all disk formats.Please can u help?.

  bremner 15:35 23 Nov 2008

Have you finalised the DVD RW?

  Monty101 16:17 23 Nov 2008

nice 1 bremner,but nero does finalizing auto,DVD+RW has got film on it but wont play on dvd player.had no probs with dvd+r,that plays on any dvd player.THANKS ANYWAY.

  Pineman100 16:55 23 Nov 2008

Rewritable optical disks (CD and DVD) can often give problems. Probably best if you transfer the contents to a DVD+R.

  DieSse 17:23 23 Nov 2008

As Pineman100 says - many DVD players are not specified to play DVD RW disks. Their reflectivity is quite different to DVD R disks.

  MCE2K5 19:48 23 Nov 2008

As above have said.

Also if using +R & +RW dvd's you might need to change the Book/Bit Type setting (I have to with an old Toshiba DVD Player) by changing them to DVD-Rom's,

Read this, BookType BitSetting FAQ click here But it depends on your Make of DVD Writer.

  Monty101 23:16 23 Nov 2008

THANKS GUYS.Am a bit new to this,first time i have used DVD+RW,and have burnt a few DVD+R WITH SAME PROGRAMMES WITHOUT A PROBLEM.Its done me head in all weekend.NICE 1,Many thanks...

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