burning video to cd with studio 8

  [DELETED] 23:21 03 Nov 2003

hi folks,

I've tried this many times without success. I contacted pinnacle's website and they suggested the usual stuff like shutting down all other programs etc and i did this without success. I get files copied onto the cd when i try to make a video disk but no matter what i do they dont come as video and i cant open them. I'm sure its something simple but any advice appreciated

  [DELETED] 08:34 04 Nov 2003

Studio 8 is a great tool, but it can be a pain in the **** sometimes. Please can you tell me how far you get with the burning of the CD, and what burning software you have on your PC as well as the Studio software.

IE A) Do you have Nero or something like that ?

B) Do you actually get as far as Studio stating that the burn process is complete, or does it just start to burn then fail ?

Have you tried setting the Make movie to just burn to the hard drive then make the disc later ?
I Found this resolved a lot of DVD burning problems.

Or you could try putting the finished article back to tape, then re loading the finished edited footage back into Studio then make a VCD. ( A pain I know but that way Studio only has to burn the disc rather then render all of the edits etc )


  [DELETED] 21:57 04 Nov 2003

HI Jungle thanks for the response. The only other software I have installed is the Roxio easy CD creator that came with windows XP.

When I try to burn the CD it all seems to go well. Studio renders it and then says its burning it. It then tells me it has completed the disk. When I examine it it has 4 files on it none of which will open.

  [DELETED] 22:51 04 Nov 2003

Sorry to but in here.The 4 files you are getting on the vcd is normal. What may be the problem is the device you are trying to play the vcd in.

I burn a lot of home movies through studio 8. My prefered format is svcd. These sometimes will not play through media player or power dvd, but if I put them in my region free, macro vision disabled dvd player. They work fine.

I do have a dvd burner as well but studio can be a pain with this sometimes and svcd is not much of a downsize from dvd.

  [DELETED] 23:00 04 Nov 2003

I also use bsod's method ..As above

  [DELETED] 08:24 05 Nov 2003

The guys on here have raised a good point, what device are you trying to play the VCD on ?

TO be 100% sure your Device plays CD-R media take a look at click here, its a great website and along the righthand side near the bottom theres a media / player area where you can search your model out and make sure its compatable.


  [DELETED] 21:11 06 Nov 2003

Hi Guys,

These are interesting points here you're raising. I am using windows media player and my dvd rom drive is a lite-on LTD 163. I dont have a DVD player to try it on with the TV but I will maybe try it with one I can borrow.

  [DELETED] 22:11 06 Nov 2003

It seems to be recording onto the cd now but without sound for some reason. Hmm I will persevere. The website is very useul thanks jungle. bsod and rtus thanks for the advice.

Can anyone tell me if its possible to buy a DVD player for the TV which will burn DVDs straight from the camcorder. That way I thought I could edit the video on studio, send it edited back to camcorder and then burn it straight to DVD from camcorder. Would save me buying a player and a separate burner for pc as well. Also might get round lots of the problems with studio burning DVDs as mentioned by you bsod and rtus

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