Burning Software. RecordNow Max or Nero ?

  fitzy- 2nd 23:03 27 Aug 2004


Can anyone tell me which Software is more surperior in regards to Burning quality,
RecordNow Max or Nero.

Also which programme works best to shrink a movie, the DVD2one or DVD95copy.


  Bapou 23:10 27 Aug 2004

Nero 6, worth every penny.

DVD Shrink and it's free. sclick here

  THE TERMINATOR 01:45 28 Aug 2004

Nero 6 is more versatile and you can do more things with it....TT

  Mango Grummit 02:18 28 Aug 2004

fitzy --- I do hope your question is answered properly by ONLY those people who have used both RecordNow Max AND Nero and not by those wishing just to make a post despite not truly being in a position to make a competent judgment. Beware because I think it's likely to happen.

Me? I'm just making a post.

Never heard of RecordNow Max til I saw your thread and looked it up, via Google, but then I've never needed anything other than Nero.

  THE TERMINATOR 20:11 28 Aug 2004

I think you should mind your own business, and keep your opinions to yourself. I have both Nero 6 by AHEAD software AND RecordNow by SONIC, so I would not post my opinion if I didn't have one. YOU don't have an opinion as you have never used RecordNow so don't confuse members by posting jibberish rubbish, and leave it to the experts....TT

  MIke 21:11 28 Aug 2004

Well I got both, sort of.

My Laptop came installed with Record Now (not max) and I've found it to be very easy to use, and never made a coaster with it.

I installed a Ricoh drive in my desktop pc that camke with Nero 5, which I've upgraded to 5.5.
Nero is more versatile, than Recordnow, a bit more complicted to get to terms with, but also a capable piece of software. However I have made coasters with it, of course this could be a problem with the drive.

I actually like using both pieces of software. Recordnow for its sheer simplicity, and Nero for its flexibility.

At the end of the day its horses for courses I suppose, but if I only had one piece of software I'd want it to be Nero

  Belatucadrus 23:54 28 Aug 2004

Two others to consider DeepBurner Free click here and CDBurnerXP click here

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