burning smell from sons pc

  martd7 00:29 22 Jun 2017

Tonight my sons pc just turned itself off while he was playing a game

He took the side panel off and there was a burning smell inside coming from the cpu cooler it was red hot,hes allowed it to cool down but when turning it back on there's no power no lights,fans dont spin up,tried a different power lead,different wall socket nothing

Is it likely to be the psu? Spec-Amd 8350 processor,corsair 600wpsu,corsair cooler,gtx 970

  alanrwood 08:43 22 Jun 2017

Sounds ore like the CPU has been overheated but can't be sure from the limited info. The easiest and cheapest way to know is to replace the PSU first

  martd7 09:04 22 Jun 2017

What more info would you like?

  qwbos 11:00 22 Jun 2017

Firstly, if you get to the stage where you can smell burning with anything electrical, the first thing you should do is isolate the item from the mains - switch off at the wall and unplug. And don't touch the pins on the plug. There's a slight chance you could get an unpleasant surprise.

If the cooler was, as you say, red hot, there's very little chance of the processor having survived. There's also a high probability of other components and cables having been damaged. When was the interior of the case last cleaned? Sounds like a bad case of fluff build up on the cooler/components.

Allowing it to cool down and powering it up again was never going to help. Indeed, it may have made matters worse.

Unless you feel competent to test al the components yourself, and by coming here, I take it you don't, I'd be thinking it needs to go to somebody trustworthy to test/repair. Is the PC covered by any insurance? That said, depending how old the PC is, you might end up better off/safer binning it and starting from scratch

  alanrwood 12:34 22 Jun 2017

Got to agree with qwbos. Let someone who knows what they are doing take it from here.

  martd7 12:48 22 Jun 2017

Thanks hes going into town later on,a pc shops going to look at it for him

  martd7 12:51 22 Jun 2017

Pc is 18months old,no insurance,cost near £1000 when purchased,no there was no dust build up id cleaned it out for him few months back and there was very little then

  wee eddie 13:30 22 Jun 2017

PSU's are relatively inexpensive. However, I would normally expect a PSU to last longer than 18 months.

It could be worth the cost a telephone call the people you bought it from, the law is on your side, although after 18 months use, I would not expect them to cough up the full price of a replacement

  martd7 13:39 22 Jun 2017

Wee Eddie

Thanks I'm going to wait see what the pc shop says need replacing if its more than the psu thats fried I may well be on the phone to the supplier

  martd7 22:45 22 Jun 2017

Well most everything has fried! The graphics card survived and thats all

Sons well annoyed hes going to have to buy another pc but I'm on phone to retailer tomorrow for some recompense

  martd7 10:15 23 Jun 2017

Ticking this as resolved the pcs fried and my sons looking for another while I try recover some compensation from the company who sold this

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