Burning smell from PC

  Ritchbee 18:28 28 May 2007

Help needed please.

PC has been on for a few hours when we noticed what I can only descride as a 'burning smell.

About six month ago I fitted a new PSU a Jeantec 500w in and a new graphics card.

Taken the side off and noticed the 'fan' on the graphic card is not turning. Is that right or wrong?. It was very hot.

It as a bit dusty inside so i've cleaned it, could that be causing the smell also.

Your advice would be very welcome.


  jimv7 18:37 28 May 2007

Turn it off do not use it, it appears that your graphic card has been overheating due to the fan not working, if your very lucky you might be able to change the fan, if not a new graphic card is indicated.

  Totally-braindead 18:38 28 May 2007

The graphics card has a fan but the fan isn't turning? That is wrong, they always spin, you need either to replace the graphics card fan or get a new graphics card. I would not recommend running it like this, it has a fan for a reason, since the fan has failed it will get very hot quite quickly and will blow.

  STREETWORK 18:38 28 May 2007

The fan is not working is worrying. What card is it?

  woodchip 18:40 28 May 2007

You can get a fan from Maplins

  Ritchbee 18:44 28 May 2007

Just check it its very hot

Radeon 1900 pro

I still have my old Radeon 9700 so I'll install it for the time being.

  Probabilitydrive 18:48 28 May 2007

Go to your 'ATI Catalyst control centre' (adcanced version) go to 'ATI overdrive ' and check temperature there. My Radeon 1900 runs at 45 degree (without load)

  Ritchbee 19:27 28 May 2007

I have an ASUS A7N8X mobo which has a AGP slot plus five PCI slots.

Am I able use the PCI slot for a new card should I purchase one?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:57 28 May 2007


A PCI Express slot for a graphics card is somting different

You will need to buy anotht AGP card to replace it.

  Ritchbee 21:46 28 May 2007

Thanks everyone

Great advice as ever!.

I'll get a replacement fan and see if that works from Maplins or simliar.

I've put my old graphics card back in and that's working fine.

  wee eddie 21:51 28 May 2007

Did you notice where it's cooling fan was powered from?

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