burning smell

  windsock 16:31 25 Apr 2008

last few days electrical burning smell coming from computer last night it went with a bang,
change power supply unit today and got back up and running but had to go out, only gone half hour, when arrived back smell of burning again
any ideas where to go from here would be great.

  Clapton is God 16:41 25 Apr 2008

It might be a good idea to make an immediate backup of all your important documents, etc.

"any ideas where to go from here"

Probably down to your local DIY store to buy a foam fire extinguisher in case the PC bursts into flames

  skidzy 17:07 25 Apr 2008

Open the case and look carefully at the motherboard for any little black burnt patches,possible short somewhere.

Also check all connections that plug into the psu and double check the 20/24 pin atx connector not forgetting the 12v 4 pin plug too.

Sounds like a short somewhere !!

Unplug from wall socket first !!!

  Diemmess 17:13 25 Apr 2008

For the optomist!

When the first PSU popped, a lot of stinky resinous and doubtless poisonous aerosol was unleashed with the PC.

You were out for a while, and normal warming of the components released some of this gunge into the room.
When you came back having breathed fresh air, your nose detected what was by then a smell which was old news and will slowly disappear in use.

And the pessimist?
Bad luck, but either this PSU is faulty and is frying too, or something is drawing enough current fom the PSU to heat up untill ......

  NewestRoyWidd1 18:15 25 Apr 2008

Note to Clapton is God;I hope your remark re foam extinguisher was tongue-in-cheek,only dry powder and C02 should be used on electrical fires!

  tullie 18:18 25 Apr 2008

Well spotted lol

  crosstrainer 18:20 25 Apr 2008

New Power supply methinks.

  NewestRoyWidd1 18:21 25 Apr 2008

tullie,does that mean ive actually found a use for the training I endured to get my security licence??lol.Apologies for hijacking a serious thread.

  windsock 18:24 25 Apr 2008

thanks all for your replies will report back
when i can,
keep turning comp off so don`t burn house down oh and got a bucket of water ready
(only joking)

  woodchip 18:32 25 Apr 2008

Did you fit a power supply that is big enough?????

  windsock 21:23 25 Apr 2008

sorry only just replying to your question, just cleared kids to bed. I think its big enough, it is 550w the one i took out was only 250w.
At the moment sat with case open all seems ok can`t say i can smell anything wondering if Diemmess could be right with is optimist paragraph? hope so.

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