burning problems

  nhojnhoj 20:32 15 Nov 2003

i`ve got an NEC 1300A cd/dvd multi format burner but i just can`t get it to burn music or films.

it will burn text files using windows xp built in burning software but thats about it.

i`ve tried copying cd`s with nero 5.5 but when it gets to the burning stage it defaults to the `save as` screen and shows my `c` drive. if i then select my burning drive as the destination it says `d drive is not available` or `please insert a disk in the selected drive`

i also tried to copy the cd using windows xp burning software, it said the copying was successful but when i opened the disk it just had a file on it called `images` then when i press play it says `error` for every single track listed!

i also tried to copy a dvd of american pie 2 using `DVD movie copy` software but it says the source is copyrighted and then terminates.

i`m just totally confused. am i doing something wrong?
i thought that copyright protections were bypassed by burning software?

someone help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase!

  hugh-265156 20:48 15 Nov 2003
  nhojnhoj 20:57 15 Nov 2003

Oh god!
I take it then that where dvds are concerned you can`t just run the software,press copy and off you go?

i still don`t get it though.
surely copying a cd is straightforward. i`ve seen other people do it in about 2 minutes just by opening the nero wizard and following the requests that appear on screen?

whats going wrong?

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