Burning Problem with Asus 5224A

  daveb11 13:16 04 Feb 2003

Have just purchased new asus 5224a cd-r drive (its currently the top of pc advisors list for cd-r drives) and i am having lots of problems getting it to burn a usable or uncorrupted disk.I use nero and had no previous problems with an old phillips 4x speed drive.I have tried some of the recommended media (Verbatim data life plus super AZO, Phillips) but these are still inconsistent, i have only managed to do 2 disks that nero has burnt and verified ok, am i the only one with this problem? Is there any way to solve this problem? Any help greatly appreciated.

  €dstow 13:54 04 Feb 2003

Was your Nero supplied with yout old Philips drive?

Quite often software bundled with a piece of hardware is tied to that hardware and will not work successfully with any other - even though you update it and everything like that.

If software was supplied with your new drive try loading and using that - even though it may be nominallly the same.

If it's not that, refering to Asus is the next step.


  Gerrycan 13:55 04 Feb 2003

did you get any buring software with your cdwr?

  Gerrycan 13:56 04 Feb 2003


  daveb11 20:34 04 Feb 2003

Yeah got nero with phillips but it was an oem version.Its been updated from the nero website to the latest version.I have also tried using nero express that came with drive but that seemed no better.DOH.

  €dstow 06:38 05 Feb 2003

It still may mean that Nero is tied to your Philips machine and even trying to load Nero Express from your new one may mean that it is only updating the tied version you already have. I feel the only way to get over this is to remove the old versions of Nero completely and start again.

You can uninstall Nero Windows Add/Remove programs.


  €dstow 06:39 05 Feb 2003

Last sentence should read;

You can uninstall Nero via Windows Add/Remove programs.


  Stuartli 08:56 05 Feb 2003

If you have a version of Nero specifically for your drive you should use that. Usually the cover will list your brand of rewriter.

Any updates you do on the ahead website - and that includes the latest versions with Nero Express including - should also work without problems as the website will ascertain that you are eligible to update.

I have updated Nero 5 and 5.5, which are specific to the TDK Vortex and then CyClone rewriters I have acquired over the last 18 months, several times from the website. It has always worked without problems, including Nero Express.

Have you any other burning software on your system? That could cause problems and only Nero should be installed.

I have just installed a new Cyberdrive rewriter for a friend who was using EasyCD with his (now defunct) previous drive.

The new one wouldn't work with EasyCD, as I suspected, and the Cyberdrive specific Nero was installed. It not only worked "out of the box" but my friend immediately found it much more simple, yet just as effective, to use.

Finally, have you set your rewriter as Master (assuming you also have a CD/DVD-ROM drive), the CD/DVD-ROM as Slave, enabled DMA for both and also unchecked Auto Insert Notification (Nero controls the operation of both drives)?

  daveb11 21:45 05 Feb 2003

Have tried uninstalling nero with no joy have also set cdr drive as master dvd as slave still no joy im assuming dma is already enabled as i run XP pro and it doesnt give me an option to enable/disable it, drive is also designed for XP.The only thing i havent tried is a firmware update, which im holding back on until i know it wont invalidate the warranty.By the way thanks for all the help so far guys.

  Stuartli 23:53 05 Feb 2003

A firmware upgrade is something that should be avoided until it's an all or nothing affair - you could end up with a defunct drive.

You've said it's intended for XP so perhaps it might be time to either visit the Asus website or inform the retailer the drive is not of merchantable quality under the Sales of Goods Act.

  daveb11 22:57 09 Feb 2003

I think i've got it sorted. Rather embarrassingly it appears to be purely a media problem i just happen to be Sh*t out of luck in having two different batches of dodgy disks both made by ritek (phillips and mirror)the verbatim one that failed was just one of those things it wasn't damaged like the others.Looks like my burner has issues with ritek discs.Is there a list available of which brands are made by which manufacturer so i can avoid ritek disks?

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