Burning photo album to cd

  hungryfox 19:43 30 Sep 2003

I have been looking for software to make a photo album, and add background music. Has anyone come across any software that does both jobs in the same program?

  MAJ 19:51 30 Sep 2003

I used to use Photojam, hungryfox, it was pretty good, but I'm not sure if it's free anymore, although there is a free download here click here not sure if it's a trial or not.

  Mankster 20:02 30 Sep 2003

this is a totally free great program that lets you create 99 slide shows each with 99 photo's and select your own music background,
click here

  Mankster 20:05 30 Sep 2003

forgot to mention the download is 40mb, if you dont have broadband you will be better asking someone who has to download it for you and put the zip file on cd

  john-232317 20:52 30 Sep 2003

Just clicked your link to download it and noticed it was HP, and realised i already had it , it was included in my digi camera software.

I have not taken 99 pics yet but will give it a go when i have.

regards john

  y_not 05:57 01 Oct 2003

I use Pinnacle Studio 8 for the job. Yes, it costs but will accept any number of photos, music volume etc is much more controllable and, in my humble opinion, it produces a better finished job.

It also sorts out authoring or encoding to DVD/SVCD whichever you are using.

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