burning movies

  jaygice 18:09 21 Aug 2003

what disc are best for doing this i am burning with nero 5 and want to burn a vcd can you use normal cd-r for this or do you have to use dvd discs any help please

  grabster 19:20 21 Aug 2003

Hi,i find that any cheapy cd's do the job.
Intensos,packard bell & datasafe are just a few of the brands i get from my local mplex click here that work ok with my Dansai 852 standalone dvd player.
Burn at a low speed to avoid blocky bits at the end of a cd though.

  jaygice 22:06 21 Aug 2003

cheers for that grabster are imation any good or are thay crap

  grabster 06:44 22 Aug 2003

Never used them myself but cant see why not.Some standalone players throw the head back with certain brands of cd.Check this site for info on different players click here
Try burning at a low speed for best results.

  jaygice 15:33 22 Aug 2003

cheers for that

  Nilz 13:56 24 Aug 2003

imation are good - cos i use them and never had a problem with them. - I get mines from Argos at £13.99 for 50 discs.

  jaygice 22:41 24 Aug 2003

£13.99 50 thats expensive i get 100 for £15 nilz

  johnbhoy 22:44 24 Aug 2003

Jaygice - I have found most of the bundle Cds from my local supplier at anything between 15 - 18 quid for 100 work a treat for me.



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