burning more than 2 GB

  freefx 08:47 12 Nov 2003

o/s win XP Pro

Apparently Nero 5.5 does not let me burn files more than 2GB.

Can anyone tell me how do i go about burning this file to my DVD.? Got a DVD writer of course.

Please advise

  Pesala 09:53 12 Nov 2003

Chainsaw (104 K) click here Splits large files for easier transfer and recombines them on any PC with a simple batch file.

That is fine if you just need to back up large video files to DVD. However, if you wish to play long movies from the DVD you will need a different solution.

BTW - although chainsaw is an excellent little utility, you will need to turn off the chainsaw sound effect before using it.

  freefx 10:16 12 Nov 2003

yup it is a long DVD movie encoded in MpegII

  freefx 14:12 12 Nov 2003

Just want to know if anyone knows whre i van get a free DVD burning software that i can write more than 2 GB file

  BigMoFoT 15:04 12 Nov 2003

Just exactly how big is the data you are trying to burn?

  freefx 15:43 12 Nov 2003

file is NTFS and file size is 2.68GB MpegII

  BigMoFoT 17:39 12 Nov 2003

Nero shouldn't have a problem with that - perhaps upgrading to Nero 6 would be an idea!

  y_not 20:20 12 Nov 2003

Silly question I know but reading your posting suggests that you are trying to burn an MPEG2 to DVD ..... is it MPEG2 or VIDEO_TS?

For DVD the file needs to be authored and the resultant file is a VIDEO_TS (& AUDIO_TS) file - its the contents of the VIDEO_TS file that you burn.

I'm sorry if I'm explaining what you already know - its probably down to the terminology.

  y_not 20:21 12 Nov 2003

Sorry - should have mentioned that the contents of the VIDEO_TS file are VOB files

  james55 23:58 12 Nov 2003

Using pinnacle 8 we made a 3GB + DVD in MPEG2 the original file was about 8GB at 62% resolution. It may be that you need a plugin for Nero.

  hugh-265156 01:00 13 Nov 2003

The DVD-Video Plug-in and the HE-AAC Plug-in are already included in the Nero 6 retailpackage and the webversion.

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