Burning jpeg files to dvd to play on a regular dvd player

  hiwatt 19:42 15 Oct 2014

Hi folks. A member of my family is having a wedding reception and they want to create a dvd of photos that will play on a regular dvd player in a particular order.They had a dvd made for them by the photographers but when played on their dvd player they didn't play in the order that they were burned to disc? I have simply renamed the jpeg files 01,02 etc and I'm looking for a program to burn the jpeg files to dvd to play in their chosen order. Could someone recommend a program that will do this please.Play the jpeg files on a standalone dvd player and in order from 01-30 etc? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:40 15 Oct 2014

Any burning software will burn them to dvd

the players tend to show them in alpha or numeric order so they show play in the coreect order if you have numbered them correctly however if more than 9 you may get 1 followed by 10 2 by 20 etc. so name them

001 002 etc. before burming

  hiwatt 21:47 15 Oct 2014

Thanks fruitbat.The files will fit on to CD.Can I use a CD or am I better using a DVD.Do I just burn it as a regular cd/dvd?I'm using Ashampoo(Burn files and folders option)but I'm wondering if this will burn as a data disc rather than a regular disc that will play on a dvd player? I've never burned jpegs to be played in a regular dvd player. Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:07 15 Oct 2014

Jpgs are data

CD is fine

I can play a short film burnt on to CD on my stand alone DVD player all the macine is interested in is -

is the data on the disc compatible, most DVD players will show jpgs and play mp3 files

  lotvic 23:05 15 Oct 2014

You could do it the posh way and make a slideshow in movie maker then you can add captions, transitions and music etc :)

  hiwatt 10:51 16 Oct 2014

Too much work Lovtic.It's for saturday :) Is it possible to determine how long each photo will show for before moving to the next?Also they said that when playing the dvd that was given to them that between each photo there was a black screen for a few seconds so the photos weren't showing constant.How would I stop this from happening? Thanks folks.

  hiwatt 11:45 16 Oct 2014

I've sussed out how to do this using windows DVD maker.I'll give it a shot.

  hiwatt 17:04 16 Oct 2014

I used Windows DVD maker to make a nice little slideshow with music etc.Great little program.Had never used it before.My sister in law was delighted with the results. Thanks folks.

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