Burning an ISO file to dvd

  hiwatt 16:22 10 Nov 2014

Hi folks.I have a video that is in iso format that I would like to burn to DVD for play in a regular dvd player. Would Ashampoo be able to do this or would I need something like Img burn? I don't want to convert/compress it as I want to keep the quality as close to the original as possible as it is old footage. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  lotvic 16:53 10 Nov 2014

An .iso file is an image of a disk. You can use any burning program that is capable of burning .iso files

First thing to do is rightclick on the .iso and choose Copy then click on a blank part in the folder and rightclick and Paste You now have a backup copy of the .iso file so can proceed confident that if you mess up you have an original backup copy.

If you want to play/watch the .iso video that you have then you can use free program VLC which can open and play .iso files click here

  hiwatt 16:57 10 Nov 2014

Thank you Lovtick. That's what I've been doing,watching it on the computer with VLC player but I want to copy it as is to a dvd-r for someone else so they can watch it on their regular dvd player. Can you recommend one such program that will do this for me? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 10 Nov 2014

Ashampoo will do it see any here

  lotvic 17:07 10 Nov 2014

You have Ashampoo? which version of Burning Studio? Usually it's:

Go to "Create/Burn Disc Images" and then "Burn a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Disc from a Disc Image."

Click "Browse" to select the ISO file you want to burn to disc and then click "Next."

  hiwatt 17:27 10 Nov 2014

Yeah Ashampoo done it just fine.Thank you very much folks.

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