Burning a Image onto a disc (Help)

  Uboat 10:35 01 Oct 2010

Hiya everyone, i need to burn a image onto a disc and ive got several programs but they are not straight forwards? is there anyone that can help me with this please?

  gengiscant 10:42 01 Oct 2010

Would help to know what programs you have.I use this and it is pretty straight forward.click here

  Uboat 10:49 01 Oct 2010

gengiscant Upps! so sorry i forgot to mention this, The program i am using is BurnAware version 3.0 its burning a image but its really small in size as in 316meg.?

  iscanut 11:12 01 Oct 2010

Are you trying to burn a program, file, pic, music or ISO image ?

  lotvic 11:16 01 Oct 2010

Need to know:
1. what O/S (XP, Vista, W7)?
2. what do you mean by "burn a image onto a disc"? what is the file ext (.iso, .jpg,??)
3. is the disc to be made bootable? (depends what it is you are burning to disc)
4. what sort of disc, CD-R or DVD-R?
5. what burning programs do you already have?
6. Is the disc to be used on a pc or to watch/view on TV? (if pictures/slideshow/movie...)

As many details as you can would be helpful.

  Uboat 12:16 01 Oct 2010

sorry guys il give you more detail!

Im on W7
im trying to burn a program but it has no image on it and thats what im finding hard to do? i want to make the program BOOTABLE and the disc's are DVD+R
Thankx again and i hope this help?

  iscanut 14:37 01 Oct 2010

If the program is installed on the pc, then you cannot just copy/burn the executable file as parts of it will be installed in different places on the pc as well as the registry.. Not sure what you mean by "no image" ! Can you give more details please ?

  lotvic 15:45 01 Oct 2010

I don't understand what you are trying to achieve. The info you give is too sketchy to be able to guess.

To me, the reference to 'image' means an .iso file

Maybe if you tell us what the program is it would help.
I am lost.

  Devil Fish 16:25 01 Oct 2010

what proggram are you trying to burn

  lotvic 16:31 01 Oct 2010

Are you sure you mean 'Bootable'?
or do you mean you want it to run when you insert the DVD (Autoplay)

  Muergo 11:38 02 Oct 2010

Each time I see a message from you I get this sinking feeling!!

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