burning home video to dvd

  lyns76 16:40 26 Oct 2013

Hi, im a complete novice. I needed to free up some memory on ipad so used photo transfer app to move a home video (almost four gb) to my pc. This worked and will now play through quick player on the pc. (Windows xp). I now cant seem to successfully burn it to dvd. Ive used image burn but it fails half way through. Also when I look at properties of the home video it says its an jpeg image. Could this be the problem ? Ive been using dvd r to try and burn video and already wasted four. Any help would be much appreciated.

  chub_tor 17:28 26 Oct 2013

jpeg is not a movie format, it is a picture format. Movies are usually mp4 or mov if you have copied them from an ipad. You can check the format by right clicking the file on your PC and selecting Properties. If you want to play it in a regular DVD player to show on your TV (ie not on your PC) then you need to convert it into a format that your DVD player will recognise. Do this on your PC and then you can drag and drop it onto a DVD. I can't help you with ImgBurn as I don't use it. You could always try DVD Flick

  lotvic 17:44 26 Oct 2013

I use free DVDFlick, it's easiest I've found, there are plenty of guides available, here's some on YouTube click here

  lyns76 19:17 26 Oct 2013

Hi thanks for your replies. I tried dvd flick but when I try to open my home video file I want to burn it tells me it cant be opened as its corrupted or file may be unsupported. When I right click on the video and go to properties it says its a jpeg image. Yet when I open the file with quicktime player it plays a 35 minute video so its definitely not just a picture. Any ideas ?

  chub_tor 19:29 26 Oct 2013

You might want to change the file extension to see if that works. Click here to see how, try changing it to .mov which is the Quicktime extension, see if it still plays and run DVD Flick again. If that fails change the extension to .mp4 and retry. Failing that I'm lost.

  rdave13 19:36 26 Oct 2013

Mediainfo will show all the info for your file. As chub_tor says the file extention might be wrong.

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