burning films to dvd

  pookie 11:13 22 Sep 2005


Windows xp home, 1Gb ram, 3Ghz athlon (2.17), x800pro, a7n8x-x mobo, cdrw drive, dvd drive and onboard sound.

I’m thinking of buying a dvd rw drive to replace my old dvd drive (it must be 3 years old by now). Hypothetically speaking, if I downloaded some films of internet that saved and played as windows media player when watched on computer – if I burned them on to dvd to play on dvd player and watch on tv does the saved file need to be converted in some way or will a film saved as media player play on a normal dvd player and tv.

For info I have a power dvd program on pc if that matters – it came with graphics card.



  jimv7 12:13 22 Sep 2005

Nero vision express which comes with nero 6 will do all you ask.

  pookie 12:56 23 Sep 2005

many thanks jimv7

  flyingbrit 17:56 23 Sep 2005

i've had trouble converting files in nero.i use dvd santa to do it, works fine for me although it does take some time to convert it!!!

  pookie 20:07 25 Sep 2005

many thanks. everyone says it takes along time. how much time? if i download a 1hr 30min film as meia player file - using nero do i need to convert it and then burn it or does it burn and convert all in one. either way how long would it take to convert a 1 hr 30 min film roughly?


  freaky 20:31 25 Sep 2005

I can back-up my DVD films OK by using DVD Shrink 3.2 in conjunction with Nero6 Reloaded.

To back-up a 2hr DVD takes approx 40 minutes or less. They will then run OK on the TV DVD Player, and on the PC.

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