Burning DVDs with Pinnacle 8

  [DELETED] 18:27 29 Nov 2003

someone save me from insanity (and bankrupcy!). I have no problem capturing and editing video using Pinnacle 8.10.4 (I've downloaded all of the updates). I can also author a DVD complete with menu's etc. However, when I go to burn a DVD, the program asks me to insert a DVD and then waits 30-60 seconds burns enough on the DVD to make it unusable and then tells me the disk has been created successfully!

Has anyone had similar problems...if so, did you find a solution...please!!!

  bremner 20:09 29 Nov 2003

There is a well reported problem with Pinnacle 8 and burning DVD's. Do a search on this site and you will find other threads.

The best method - which I use - is to capture and edit with Pinnacle and then burn with another program. I use Ulead Movie Factory 2.

  [DELETED] 11:59 01 Dec 2003

Yes, I've had to resort to doing exactly what you're doing. I'm editing using Pinnacle and burning using Click to DVD (that came pre-installed on my system). Its just really irritating that I've spend money on software that only does half a job!

  [DELETED] 12:53 01 Dec 2003

Same problem here and i found that Nero 5 would not accept Pinnacle files.

  [DELETED] 13:25 01 Dec 2003

Is it realistic to expect Pinnacle (or any other editing software) to burn the results to a CD or DVD? After all, if we've got a CD or DVD burner we must have some burning software to go with it.

I've always used Pinnacle to do everything up to creation of the appropriate MPEG file, and then let the burning software make it into a VCD or DVD.

  [DELETED] 14:04 01 Dec 2003

I think that it is reasonable to expect the Pinnacle software to burn to a DVD as this is one of its selling points!

The trouble with using a third party burner is that I now need to use the third party authoring as well (i.e building menus etc) as even if I create an 'image' of the DVD in Pinnacle with menus etc. it is not accepted (or won't work properly) with any other software.

I can't believe that pinnacle haven't released a patch to sort this problem out!

  [DELETED] 16:05 01 Dec 2003

Fair enough! I agree that if it says it can do it, it should be able to do it. My Pinnacle is an older version, which didn't pretend to be able to do the burning.

But irrespective of the wrongs and rights of the matter, there is a solution which is to use the burning software to create menus and burn the disks.

  [DELETED] 17:49 01 Dec 2003

at the end of the day you're right stlucia... I just feel sorry for those poor sods who buy a new OEM burner ...get a copy of Pinnacle and find they have to fork out for a burner package as well...

pinnacle take note!!!

Thanks for your thoughts anyway.

  [DELETED] 22:18 05 Dec 2003

wasted lots of time and money ,pinnacle software brill.
but no drivers for dvd sony burners Compatibility (for usa only) solution may be Ulead VideoStudio 7 or Sonic Mydvd

  [DELETED] 00:30 06 Dec 2003

Here's a forum link about MyDvD. i don't think it can do chapters but there's workarounds click here

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