Burning DVDs advise needed (local or network)

  JConcept4 10:34 06 Sep 2010

I'm looking for some advice on burning files to DVD.

I've always been under the impression that files should be burnt to disc locally rather than over a network, does this sound about right?

I have 50 DVDs worth of filing on a network drive and wondered what would be the best way to archive these to DVD.

Would copying the files locally and then burning be best OR create disk images over the network and then burn the disk image locally OR burn the files directly over the network?

I'm looking for the best and most accurate way of burning rather than the fastest.

The network is fully wired and the archiving computer is a standalone machine used only for filing.

Also, would you use a low/medium speed for burning rather than the fastest?

Give me a shout if you need any more info from me on the set-up etc



  lotvic 12:19 06 Sep 2010

Don't know which is *best* and you give no details of Operating System, programs involved - or whether is is a home setup or what..

Why don't you try one or two ways of doing it by burning one DVD until you have developed your own prefered way that works on your set up?

If it was me I would organise the files into folders that fit onto a DVD and also save an ISO file of each folder for ease of storage which would then give me the option to burn a new disc at any future date. I would also have the ISO on the pc that I was using to burn.

I usually burn at a lower rate as I have found that to be more reliable.

  kristain 12:40 06 Sep 2010

It's really tough to burn across a network because of the network transfer speed, even burning at a really low setting.
Best way to do is copy the files to the locally and then burn them.

  JConcept4 13:21 06 Sep 2010

Thanks for the replys.

I didn't go to far in to detail as I thought I would ask more generally.

The archiving is for business and we'll be using an iMac with OS10.4 and Toast 10 to do the burning. Not the quickest machine as it is a couple of yrs old but it still runs fine and will be used for burning only via a new external DVD drive.

All the files are stored in individual folders on the network drive and have been split into the correct size ready to be burnt on to DVD.

The DVDs will be used as backup discs for future reference, we store a copy on and off site.

I'm trying to find the best/safest way to do the burning to stop future errors.

A colleague of mine has been in charge of archiving in the future but due to a few problems with discs not working I'm looking at doing things slightly different.

Just thought I'd ask on here first if burning from the network is still a no no.

Again, thanks

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