Burning DVD's

  chesterfield 20:59 21 Nov 2004

I have a CD rewriter built into my PC. Can I use this to burn DVD's or do I need a DVD burner?

Also, I can see that when you buy blank DVD's you need to purchase disks that are compatible with your drives speed. How can I find out the speed of my drive?


  [DELETED] 21:09 21 Nov 2004

You are going to have to get a DVD Burner.

  powerless 21:12 21 Nov 2004

For the speed of your drive try looking at the front of the loading tray.

something like 52x48x48

Do you know what drive you have? Make, model...

  Night Ryder 21:13 21 Nov 2004

You will have to purchase a DVD burner to do this. DVD burners will handle most formats, which means you can use CD write and re writable disks as well as DVD write, re writable disks.
With this in mind, the best thing for you is to add a DVD burner to your system, if you have the room. If not then just replace the exisiting drive with the DVD burner.

Only thing to watch out for is that DVD Burners come with different specs., Some will handle DVD+ and DVD- disks or both DVD+ and DVD- disks.
This will deteermin the kind of writable disks you will have to purchase.

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