burning a DVD - what do I need to do it ?

  SALLY S 21:31 02 Jan 2005

I want to take images from my camcorder and when modified burn folders on to a DVD. I also want to copy a DVD on to another.

I have Nero for burning a CD but what should I have for creating a DVD.

Any suggestions and also any idea of the price ?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:38 02 Jan 2005

If you have an OEM version of Nero 6 it will not support dvd burning. However you can purchase a new license from Nero to upgrade it and enable dvd burning support.

  ton 21:45 02 Jan 2005

If you don't already have a DVD writer then that is what you need.

Most will come with software.

As you are used to Nero, it would make sense to look for a DVD writer that comes with the DVD version of Nero.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:54 02 Jan 2005

click here for Nero upgrade cost.

  PA28 21:56 02 Jan 2005

Nero 6 (full version) will do the job nicely. You also need a PCI Firewire card (IEE1394) to import from your camcorder to your computer - they only cost about £15 if you haven't got either a card or a firewire input in your computer already. For editing, then there are various packages around depending on your needs - I would recommend Pinnacle 9 Plus at about £70 or less if you can stretch to this. Professional results are very easy to obtain with this easy to use package. Be warned that you will need a fairly powerful computer to edit video as it is hard work for the machine (processor intensive in lingo speak) - I wouldn't try anything less than 2Ghz though it can be done - coupled with a large ammount of spare hard disk space as the files you're going to create are BIG.

  PA28 21:58 02 Jan 2005

.... and, yes, you will need a DVD burner (again around the £50 mark).

  gobi 22:41 02 Jan 2005

There is a cheap alternative for your need, but a bit complicated approach (commercial package follows the same basic steps but simpler). This is basically what I did in general - Four steps, from a DV (camcorder) to DVD:

1. Capture
Need a firewire or USB (preferably firewire). Could use your video editing software or WinDV (freeware). You should get video file (as AVI file).

2. Edit
Using your favourite video editing software e.g Pinnacle or Virtual Dub (freeware).

3. Encode
Encode video (AVI file) into elementary DVD stream via MPEG2 encoder. I used TMPGEnc (30 day MPEG2 trial).

4. Author
The output from #3 will be used to create the DVD. I used TMPGEnc DVD Author (30 dys trial).

  smy13 23:41 02 Jan 2005

Sally S
Got to say I agree totally with Gobi, especially about the firewire as this is the best way to get a result that you can play on most DVD players. As a basic package to cut your teeth on you’d be hard pressed to beat windows movie maker (so easy even I can use it) with a firewire download it as AVI, save it as AVI when you've finished then burn it with the software of your choice

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