Burning a dvd with Final cut pro!

  hiwatt 16:42 09 Jul 2011

Hi folks,A family member has made and edited a film using final cut pro!She is using a Mac and now wants to burn the final edit/file to dvd so it will play on a dvd player.She has been having some hassles along the way,the Mac was spitting out the blank dvd's etc(it turned out that the cd/dvd writer was only compatible with Dvd-r!)but managed to complete her film.I am not familiar with a Mac at all and she is a bit of a novice.I was just wondering if anyone here could please ofer any help/advice as to how to go about burning the saved file to dvd?Any help is much appreciated.Thank you.

  Crosstrainer2 17:13 09 Jul 2011

hello old friend!


Just purchased a sef spec. imac (delivery next week, and FCP so It's a learning curve here too @

  hiwatt 18:25 09 Jul 2011

Thanks for the link crosstrainer2.I shall forward it on to her!

  eedcam 18:27 09 Jul 2011

Not familiar with Mac and alas DVD flick dont work with Mac but this from the smae stable I think may be worth a look its free link" target="_blank">http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html">link text

  hiwatt 18:33 09 Jul 2011

Hi eedcam!That link isn't working for me I'm afraid?

  hiwatt 18:36 09 Jul 2011

I managed to get it from google.Thanks pal!Here it is for anyone else who may need it. http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html

  hiwatt 09:53 11 Jul 2011

Morning folks. She's still having some trouble burning to dvd and is panicking as it's got to be done Asap!She tells me that it was converting/compressing for a few hours and got to 99% but failed to complete because an Audio track dropped?I'm not at all familiar with Final cut pro but if anyone who is could offer some help/advice on how to burn a finalcut pro project to dvd I/she would be very greatful.Thank you.

  Crosstrainer2 10:05 11 Jul 2011

Hi hiwatt,

I haven't got my copy or machine yet, but ive been genning up.

When your sister say's dropped tracks, does she mean audio or video?

I'm on the support site, just want to clarify with a tad more info :))

  hiwatt 10:10 11 Jul 2011

Thanks crosstrainer2.It was audio tracks it dropped.While compressing it got to 99% then failed but she can't remember the exact message.Thanks for your help.

  Crosstrainer2 10:11 11 Jul 2011

Okay. This may be tough at distance, but I'll give it a go.

1 Pass the link below on to your sister now, it may well resolve her problem, but at least we have made a start.

I have applecare, so can contact an advisor, only problem is it's not active until Thursday offically

BUT I have a friend @ imac experts, she starts work at 11 our time.

Tell her not to panic just yet....It could be as simple as a duff DVD batch.


  Crosstrainer2 10:19 11 Jul 2011

Can't post those links here, have to copy and paste a few soloutions.

1) I think the share function is lacking. It ties up a lot of system resources for fcp. you could do a faster mpeg encode in compressor and have a lot more control of menu etc in DVDSP

2)You don't use compressor to make the DVD, you use DVD Studio Pro.

In DVDSP, direct the output as a disk image and you can burn as many copies as you'd like.

If that doesn't work, your drive is not working properly.

3)Do you get any sort of error# message?

Can you do a 'save as disc image'?

What media are you using?

A few for starters

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