burning cd's with windows

  tomleady 13:11 12 Mar 2004

Hi, recently I've been having trouble burning cd's.

The first problem I had was making audio cd's using Media Player (series 9,latest one i think).
it converts the tracks, then copies some to the disc.but then errors, and ejects the disc. this happens the majority of the time,but it sometimes works.so i thought it might depend on the tracks i was burning.but it doesnt appear to be that way.

so i tried just burning a folder full of images to a cd using Windows Explorer cd burner. it does about half of the process, then errors and ejects.

When i used Nero previously,it seemed to work fine,but I will try using this again shortly.

I'll post back with more details after the weekend, i was just wondering if anyone had had any similar probs. its just so much more convienient using Media Player to make audio cd's. I am praying its not a hardware fault as i have only had this pc sinc the beginning of Jan!

Thanks, Tom

  MichelleC 13:56 12 Mar 2004

It's best to turn of non-vital b/ground progs to eliminate potential errors as much as possible. (av, firewall and system restore etc); make sure DMA is enabled on drives. If burning is problematical some people change the order of their IDE setup (if SATA then it doesn't apply).

  tomleady 15:16 12 Mar 2004

what is my IDE setup, and hwo do i change it?
and what is SATA?

I wont be able to do this until monday.

thanks for getting back to me Michelle.


  MichelleC 16:08 12 Mar 2004

The following is taken from a dv editing forum:

...Since getting involved with video editing I find myself moving some of these monster video files from one drive to another (I have two hard drives, a fast CD burner and a DVD burner). I first had both drives connected to the same IDE channel on one cable (one as master the other as slave) It would take hours to move a file from one drive to another. I then discovered that by connecting one hard drive and my CD burner to one channel and the other drive and my DVD burner to the other channel I increased my file transfer time exponentially...

The same principles may apply with stuttering burning. Good luck.

With my Dell I had to buy a couple new cables with the connector spread further apart so they would reach between he various drives.

This may be elementary many of you but it was a revelation to me and removed the agony of moving files between drives.

  tomleady 18:29 12 Mar 2004

i dont seem to have problems moving files and such.

how do i change the IDE channel then? i'm afraid i have no clue whatsoever in this situation!

  tomleady 14:55 15 Mar 2004

ok. got back off my weekend, so here's some more info the prob.

the drive is: Pioneer DVD RW DVR-106D.

I tried burning a cd using Nero, it completed fine, but when i tried the cd, nothign happened, and the cd appears to be blank.

so obviusoly Nero isnt burning properly either.

but the drive reads other copied cd's, and proper cd's and dvd's fine, and plays films fine.

I checked to see if DMA was on, and on both drives, it is.

any ideas anyone? is it possibly a problem the types of cd's i'm using. a certain brand? i'm using 'imation' cd's from partners.

I've only had this pc for just under 3months, so surely it cant be a hardware failure?


  R4 15:25 15 Mar 2004

Did you or Nero finalise the Cd when you finished

  tomleady 15:39 15 Mar 2004

no i dont think so.

it didnt error, it just said "completed" and ejected the cd.

  R4 16:26 15 Mar 2004

If you Used Copy CD (Nero)it should finalise any way but if you did a select files and burn you should have set it to finalise before burning.

Try using InCD to see the CD info:

  tomleady 09:15 16 Mar 2004

it seems that AVG was the problem,

i tried turning it off previously, and it didnt make a difference, so i completely shut it off, and removed what i could, and cd's burned fine.


so i re-installed AVG, and cd's burn fine.

so for now, problem solved.

thanks to all who got back to me.


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