Burning Cds with Roxio

  thumbscrew 19:54 26 Jan 2010

I've always burned music MP3 files to disc, using Windows Media Player,which always takes several minutes.I've just started doing it, using Roxio and it burns...even on the slowest setting 16x......surprisingly quickly-under two minutes, even 90 seconds on the highest speed. This seems ridiculously quick and a couple have skipped when played. There are two settings on screen.."Create Audio Files" and "Create MP3 Files" and I always use the Audio. Can anyone tell me if that's the correct one and also give their opinion on the quick burn speed.

  jamesd1981 22:23 26 Jan 2010

what roxio is it your using i use roxio copy and convert, the create mp3 files just sounds like a conversion tool, when your burning are you given an option on burn speed ?

  thumbscrew 22:31 26 Jan 2010

Thanks james it's Creator 7 and I've just burned a music disc using the Create MP3 option, which seems to play fine. The burn speed option is a drop down, giving a few speed options. Slowest is 16x and even that, knocks out a finished cd in 2 minutes??

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