Burning CDs - problem

  exdragon 11:07 14 Sep 2005

Hi -can anyone come up with a solution to this problem, please? My computer is in the UK, I'm in New Zealand. I've got loads of photos which I assumed I could copy to CDs while here. At home, I use Easy CD Creator to drag and drop, but this pc doesn't seem to have any programmes which will allow me to do this. I've got a 40gb image viewer, but at the rate I'm taking photos, I may run out of space & I'd like another back up.

When I try to copy and paste, I just get the message that the CD drive is not accessible. I take it that the CD needs to be formatted.

Does anyone know of an easy programme which will let me do what I want? If it's something which needs to be downloaded, it'd need to be fairly small as the usage here is capped. An added complication is that I use Nikon RAW files which can't be opened anyway. We got them onto a CD using Stomp, but I don't know if this will work on my home pc!

Any help will be appreciated

  rawprawn 11:27 14 Sep 2005

I don't know of a small program that would help you format your cd except incd (Nero) but have you thought about winzip would that enable you to put more photos on your image viewer. (I have never used Image Viewer so I don't know, just a thought)

  exdragon 11:33 14 Sep 2005

Thanks, Rawprawn, but it's an Epson P2000 and you just put the CF card in and copy the images.

I've got XP home at home, and it's XP Pro here in NZ. If the place wasn't so photogenic, I wouldn't have a problem - around every corner is a Kodak moment and I still have 4 weeks to go!

  rawprawn 12:03 14 Sep 2005

I envy you, I used to live in Australia but I have never visited NZ. It is next on out list, I'm sorry I can't help with your problem. Good luck.

  BRYNIT 12:03 14 Sep 2005

This might help click here

  Confab 12:19 14 Sep 2005

Just to be sure - I take it that you have checked it is a CDRW drive and not just a CD ROM drive?

  exdragon 22:50 14 Sep 2005

Thanks, BRYNIT, but when I try that, I get the message D:\is not accessible. Incorrect function.
Confab:it's a DVD-RW drive, Pioneer. Very frustrating - do you think the CD needs formatting, and if so, how? It shouldn't make any difference if I'm copying a combination of RAW files (which can't be opened & viewed) and jpegs, should it?


  exdragon 23:35 14 Sep 2005

Does anyone know if a Stomp created cd can be read on any computer? I know that if I leave an easy CD creator disk open, it can't be read on another pc until I close it. I can't see any similar options within Stomp and I'm not familiar with it.

I'm only talking about images here, not music which I want to play in a music device.

Off to compound my problem now - camera in hand!

rawprawn - move NZ up your wish list immediately.

  Confab 11:31 15 Sep 2005

First of all start with a blank CD or CDRW. Put it in the drive and the writing software may "fire up" automatically. It may not but it's worth a try. Secondly if you value your pics don't use CDRW's as they are unreliable especially when packet written. Use a good quality CDR. If the PC has a DVD-RW drive installed then it will almost certainly have some software to write to DVD's/CD'S . Who's PC is it? Can you not ask?


  Gongoozler 11:53 15 Sep 2005

Hi exmpdragon. In theory any cd written using packet writing software compatible with the UDF standard should be readable by software compatible with the same standard. However packet writing is often flakey and I wouldn't trust it in this instance. I think you would be better advised not to use "drag and drop", but to burn the pictures onto a cd-r disk rather than cd-rw via the cd burning software.

  exdragon 21:50 15 Sep 2005

Confab & Gongoozler - it's my daughter's & they have Stomp for DVDs, but burn their pictures with the Sony package which came with their camera. I brought my own CDs with me, they're R, not RW.

I've copied everything using Stomp, but will have a hunt around to see if they have anything else, although ecverything I've tried so far brings up the message D:\is not accessible. Incorrect function.

I've tried just putting the CD in, but nothing appears. I'll leave this open a little longer if I may.

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