Burning CDs or DVDs

  loquito 14:01 05 Sep 2005

I have a VAIO laptop (2002). One of the instructions says that I should use CDs compatible with 4X speed in order to burn a CD.

I want to buy 50 CDs on line but all makes (e.g. TDK, Verbatim, etc) seem to be in the order of 48X up. What does “48X12X40” mean?

Equally I have an Acer Ferrari 3400 (2005) and it appears that this laptop may burn CDs 48X-52X speed. Does this mean that I cannot burn CDs in my VAIO?

What will be your advice if I want to use both laptop to burn CDs?



  Diodorus Siculus 14:03 05 Sep 2005


Read, re-write, write speeds (or something like that).

Most (all?) cds are backward compatible so you will be ok.

  AndySD 14:07 05 Sep 2005

In 2002 you could still get cdr's that were 1 or 2X speed. Your laptop will burn to 48X and 52X cdr's but only at the speed the burner states (eg at 4X) (the acer at 48X if thats what it is)
1x was the origonal speed of cd burners.

  loquito 14:23 05 Sep 2005

I am a bit confused. I just want to burn CDs (Recordable). What does 4X means? And what does 52X mean? Why the burning speed (e.g. 4X) is different that the writing speed (e.g. 52X)? What CD specification should I order?


  Diodorus Siculus 14:26 05 Sep 2005

48x - the max speed that the cds can burn at - in a compatible drive.

Your drive is 4x so that is the max that the CD will burn at.

  AndySD 14:35 05 Sep 2005

The burning/Writing speed is the same thing and is determined by the the the hardware (the cd burner in the laptop) the older they are the slower they burn/write.

The origonal ones were classed as 1X the next was 2X eg twice the speed of the origonal ones.

The 52X on the cd's themselfs means they can be used in hardware that has a maximum speed of 52X

So if you use a 52X cd in a 4X (hardware)burner they will be Burnt/Written at 4X

Just put the cd in the burner and the software will burn/write it for you at the maximum speed of the hardware.

  loquito 15:28 05 Sep 2005

Thank a lot. I think my query has been solved.


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