Burning CDs but no sound to go with the video.

  dolphinaber 21:59 26 Jun 2009

I am trying to burn CD discs of a stage amateur show I took with my digital camera. I used to be able to do this but now I find I cant get the sound to come on with the picture. It mentions `Not supported audio format. OK when played on the PC but not on a player.
Thank you

  Audio~~Chip 23:24 26 Jun 2009

a codec for your Audio or your Audio Driver is missing or corrupt. Do you have Cyberlink Power DVD or maybe WinDVD software installed ?

Do you see the little horn picture on the bottom right of the screen near the clock ?

  dolphinaber 20:29 27 Jun 2009

Hi Thanks Ive just looked in start search and I do have Cyberlink in fact I have been using power 2 go to burn with along with other burners.
The horn you mention might be one I clicked on from which Realtex came up seemed to have something to do with audio. How am I doing

  dolphinaber 20:31 27 Jun 2009

Forgot to mention the discs that come up with no sound the people on it seem to be fatter and not very clear !

  Stuartli 21:06 27 Jun 2009

Download and install the K-Lite Full Audio and Video Codecs Pack from:

click here

and choose Number 8 from the drop down menu when installing (unless you also want to include the Windows Classic Media Player).

Also check that the Realtek on-board sound (or sound card) is Enabled as the Default Audio Device (from Start>Settings>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio and Voice tabs).

  dolphinaber 21:32 27 Jun 2009

Thank you Stuart. I clicked on your suggestion and have a vast number of green down loads on the right to click on but cant see Number 8.

  Stuartli 00:06 28 Jun 2009

You've misread my posting...:-)

You download the Pack (click on "latest download" link from top right of screen); when you Install the Pack there is an initial screen with a drop down menu.

Scroll down the menu to Number 8 (says something on the lines of Lots of Stuff) and OK it.

The "vast number of green downloads" underneath the link are previous versions of the Pack.

  dolphinaber 10:26 28 Jun 2009

Sorry but Im very thick I suppose when you get nearer to 90 than 80 you are entitled to be:-(
I have managed to download from top right hand corner as suggested but no sign of a dropdown afterwards with No8 in it.
Re Realtek Cant find Sound and Audio devices in Control Panel only Sounds and nothing in there.
What should I do now please?

  Stuartli 10:44 28 Jun 2009

Have you started to Install the K-Lite Pack?

The panel will appear as you progress and the drop down menu (with a downwards arrow on the right) should appear - select Number 8 (Lots of Stuff etc).

You should have a Sounds and Audio Devices listing in Control Panel.

Depending on how old your system is, you may have either a standard or HD Realtek chipset - you can download and install the correct drivers from:

click here

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