Burning CD's help!

  GeeKay+Dee 21:23 19 Sep 2004

I'm currently making up a CD of my favourite tunes to burn onto a CD using Nero, but when I have finished it the volume on the different tracks varies. Is there any free software to download which allows you to standardise the volume throughout the disc? Also, I've got a few Cds which I'm burning that has tracks that run into each other, i.e. live albums. But when I burn them using nero, there is a gap where a track ends and the next starts. Can Nero be used to replicate the source CD so that I can still select specific tracks if I wish or listen to the whole album without the gaps between tracks?

  TOMMO01 21:49 19 Sep 2004

I assume that you are using NERO 6 and not Nero Express.

If you are using Nero, you can do it all withing the program itself.

Disk writing. There are two methods of writing an audio CD. "Track at once" and "disk at once". Track at once (TAO) burns the track, then stops burning for two seconds the start again. Disk at Once (DAO) burns in one go without pausing but each track is still accessable as normal. DAO is ideal for concert CDs etc. However, I burn all my audio cds as DAO.

You will also notice, after dragging the music accross when compiling the CD, in the left hand window, you will see the TRACK, TITLE. PAUSE etc, if you double click on each track you can change the PAUSE to 0 and if you click the FILTER TAB (while in the same pop up window, you can normalise the tracks. Not 100% but it does help.

Good luck

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