Burning CDs

  ludmilla 16:47 26 Feb 2005

I have Nero in my computer and when I burn an audio Cd it will only play on my computer and not my Cd player , what am I doing wrong

  Diodorus Siculus 16:50 26 Feb 2005

You may need to turn off file protection - when you copy the tracks across, there may be a sign like a double S - click on it and untick file protection.

  bluesbrother 16:52 26 Feb 2005

It could be your CD player. Not all players can read home made cd's. Can you try one on another CD player?

  Alan H E 17:21 26 Feb 2005

If you are using CD-RW it won't work but CD-R might well do.

  FelixTCat 17:29 26 Feb 2005

If you have a DVD player attached to your TV, try playing it through that. They tend to be more tolerant of recording type.

  wobblymike 20:57 26 Feb 2005

When you burn the CD are you finalising it? if not this could well be the problem

  Totally-braindead 21:03 26 Feb 2005

All the above are a possible solutions ludmilla, the other possibility is you are burning the music as Data rather than audio, this also would stop the CD from being read in a normal CD player. Whatever your problem is it is one of the above suggestions.

  Alan H E 09:44 27 Feb 2005

Email from ludmilla: Is CD/R not rewritable.

You should post to the thread & only use email if invited.
CD/Rs are not rewritable - usually CD audio players cannot read CD/RW discs so you can only use CD/Rs.

  ludmilla 17:23 27 Feb 2005

Hello Alan HE


Also apologies for mailing you , I am new to all of this

  Alan H E 17:31 27 Feb 2005

Its OK we're always learning

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