Burning a CD from Laptop with windows xp

  ripply 19:49 04 Sep 2013

I tried today to burn some music onto a cd for the first time and I managed to follow a tutorial online so getting the music in a list to burn was ok. Problem is, after the first song, it keeps ejecting the disc and a message comes up saying "windows cannot burn this disc, Please check the disc is not damaged or try another brand". I've went through 5 discs and it keeps saying the same thing. I'm using CD-R discs made by TDK. Is this the right type? Also, I've noticed some of the songs say MP3 and others say WMA. Does this mean I need to use a different type of disc? I was trying to burn them using Windows media player but I've also tried using something called 'DeepBurner' which was on the laptop when I bought it 2nd hand. It's a Dell Latitude D600. I've heard that some laptops cannot burn discs, only play them. Could this be the problem with mine?

  lotvic 21:29 04 Sep 2013

It will depend on the type of Optical Drive the laptop has.

  1. CD, reads and plays cds
  2. CD-RW, reads and plays cds and burns to CDs
  3. DVD, reads and plays cds and dvds
  4. CD/DVD-RW, reads and plays cds and dvds and burns to cds and dvds

I think it may be best to have all your music tracks as MP3s or you will have problems playing them back on anything other than a computer.

For music I use the free program CDBurnerXP and choose 'Audio Disc' from the menu click here program will detect your cd drive and tell you if any problem. Have a look at the screenshots link (at top on the green strip menu).

Dell manual, doesn't say what sort of optical drive is fitted but here are the manuals for your laptop click here

  ripply 22:30 04 Sep 2013

I meant to write it's a Dell D610, sorry. I can't find anything about what optical drive it has. Is it a physical thing? Or could I download software/another burner? Should the WMA files be converted automatically when I try to burn a disc or do I need to convert them, somehow.

  PeterP.. 22:43 04 Sep 2013

The laptop has a 8x DVD+/-RW (dual layer) burner.

  BT 08:21 05 Sep 2013

If you want an easy to use CD/DVD burner program you might want to try In InfraRecorder.


  ripply 11:07 05 Sep 2013

I downloaded the infrarecorder but I'm still having the same problem. It seems to burn a couple of songs, then a warning comes up saying "A write error occurred, please check programme log". When I check, it says process exited with code: 254.

  iscanut 11:34 05 Sep 2013

WMA are files that are applicable to Windows Media Player.

  PeterP.. 11:55 05 Sep 2013


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  PeterP.. 11:57 05 Sep 2013

Sorry, IGNORE looks like SPAM

  ripply 13:42 05 Sep 2013

Is it because some of the songs are MP3's and others are WMA? I thought the burner would convert them if necessary. The laptop plays discs fine. Is it likely that it's faulty and can't burn?

  alanrwood 18:50 05 Sep 2013

The burner should burn all files irrespective of what type they are, wma,mp3 doc, bmp etc.

You need to determine first if your drive is just a read only drive or a write/read one.

On the 5 you tried did the first file actually burn to the disk or not.

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