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  1Ssam 19:30 29 Aug 2010

I recently registered with iTunes and purchased a CD. It downloaded alright but no matter how I try I cannot burn a backup copy. I contacted iTunes and they tried to be helpful but I still cannot complete the task. Has anyone had this problem and if so how did you solve it. I`m afraid that unless I can get the backup copy I need I shall have to discontinue using iTunes which will be a pity because the sort of music I am looking for is not readily available in this country.


  lotvic 20:06 29 Aug 2010

Which part of click here does not work for you?
or maybe it is one of the problems listed in click here for details.

  john bunyan 20:16 29 Aug 2010

I assume you downloaded a cd from i Tunes? To burn an audio CD, create a playlst - call it something. Then drag and drop the cd contents into the playlist.then insert a cd into your burner and choose the audio (not data option)I am on a different pc at the moment but will reply more tomorrow if you can be more specific.

  john bunyan 17:47 30 Aug 2010

Yes, make a playlist called whatever the cd is titled. Drag and drop the tunes you want int the playlist from the music library with i tunes open. Then right click on the playlist you created and choose burn to cd (audio)

  julius44 18:06 30 Aug 2010

Did u purchase the cd via itunes?? If so, unless u authorize the songs u WONT be able to burn them to cd...this is for copyright reasons..so u need to read and follow the instructions here:
click here

  john bunyan 18:15 30 Aug 2010

?iTunes DRM-protected music includes audio with a bit rate of 128 kbps and allows users to transfer songs and videos to up to five computers, burn seven copies of the same playlist to CD, and sync to an unlimited number of iPods.

  1Ssam 20:16 31 Aug 2010

john bunyon you are a genius. I did exactlty as you suggested and within a few minutes I had the CD I wanted. I hate to think of all the time (and CD`s) I wasted before asking for help.
I have written to iTunes and told them if they ever have any similar queries they should refer them to PC Advisor.

Thanks very much,


  john bunyan 22:04 31 Aug 2010

Glad it worked! It is, actually a very good free programme when you get used to it.

  gazzaho 22:13 31 Aug 2010

I prefer to use it to strip DRM from the songs. I create a playlist burn it to a CD-RW disk then re rip the playlist to mp3 format, this removes DRM and lets you use the songs wherever you like. Doing it this way lets you save your music to an external drive or USB memory stick, or even burn a data disk with all your music stored for backup, plus you can re-use the CD-RW.

I pay for my music and I'm damaned if I'm going to have Apple say how many devices I can or can't use it on.

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