burning a cd brings computer to halt....

  herc182 22:17 07 Nov 2004

dear all,

when i bought my computer (some 2 years ago) i remember that i could burn a cd (as i am now on my girlfriends computer) and could still work comfortably on other things (ie internet or word).

but cant remember when this stopped being the case, and now my computer pretty much freezes (the mouse judders accross the screen) and takes ages to do anything (it takes most of the processor time). my girlfriends is fine (as if i am not even burning one...).

any ideas how i could make it so that my cd writer doenst hog all resources? i know it never used to.

i have windows xp home, use ahead hero (cant remember the version) and have athlon 2000+ with 1.5gb of RAM..


  hugh-265156 23:18 07 Nov 2004

you should have no problems with your system spec burning a cd and doing other things at the same time.

im guessing here but try the following maybe:

have a good clean up and remove any programs you dont use to free up some disc space if you are running low on space on your hard drive then run a disk cleanup or something like this click here as it does a better job. then run a defrag and see what its like.

if you have plenty of space on your hard drive and have a good maintenance routine then maybe check your system for spyware using adaware and spybot and delete anything they find click here click here update them before running.

also make sure windows is up to date click here and maybe check DMA is enabled for your primary and secondary IDE channels in device manager. try updating your motherboard chipset drivers too.

update nero click here

  hugh-265156 23:19 07 Nov 2004

ps. update and run your antivirus software too.

  Bapou 23:31 07 Nov 2004

Using Nero I find it better to leave it to get on with the job without doing something else other than take time out for coffee.

  herc182 18:07 08 Nov 2004

thanks huggyg71. i am not low on space, and do eveything you suggested already. whilst burning a cd on my girlfriends laptop (with a 700mhz processor and 256mb ram) it was as if i wasnt burning one at all. it is very confusing as to why it hogs all the processor time and causes me to "take time out for coffee!". I know my computer is capable of burning one without chugging so much (as it used to!!).

any other thoughts.


  Bapou 19:17 08 Nov 2004

Nero does hog resources, similar to video editing programs. That's why I ensure nothing else is in the way including AVG and Zone Alarm. My processor is 1.2mhz with 512Mb of RAM, before, with 256mb Nero gave me problems.

Now Nero happily works away on it's own without any bother.

  grabster 19:19 08 Nov 2004

I had the same problem and uninstalling nero,rebooting and reinstalling nero done the trick for me.
Make sure you have your serial number ready for the reinstallation though.

  woodchip 19:22 08 Nov 2004

If you have any sense you will only burn a CD and not use other programs while doing so

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:23 08 Nov 2004

Try using enditall from click here It will close all unecessary progs....they will be restarted on reboot.


  herc182 19:56 08 Nov 2004

thanks gandalf. i already have enditall. just wanted to see if i could find out why it progressively got worse when burning a cd.

why should you not use other programmes whilst burning a CD woodchip? i have enough ram and nero uses an underbuffer....

  herc182 20:20 08 Nov 2004

just burnt a data cd and found that on the task manager, the processor usage was barely touched by the CD writing software (EAsy CD creator in this case) and that system idle processes wass taking 50% (but varied). it is pretty rediculous what i have settled for now that i think of it, because even moving my mouse from one side of the sreeen to the other takes a while as it stutters along. even getting the task manager up took almost a minute.

any futher thoughts?


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