Burning to CD

  blazingbadger 08:52 30 Jul 2009

I need to burn some music to cd and I would like to know what format is a home?car CD player and can I burn them using Windows media or Real Player Thanks

  jack 08:59 30 Jul 2009

Are a distinct file and are not at all a computer product- therefore MP3 WMP etc are not relevant.
Some car players especially modern ones, are MP3 compliant, but this does not apply to those that are more than say 5 years old.
In this instance there for it is a straight copy of the CD music track from master to disc to be burned using the Windows built in CD burner.

  InTheCity 09:09 30 Jul 2009

from files on hard drive,create "audio cd" with windows media player
click here

  Terminus90 12:44 30 Jul 2009

1)If the files are on your computer, open windows explorer and list the music files you want to burn onto cd.

2)launch windows media player and click on the burn button at the top.

3)in explorer, highlight the tracks you want on your cd and drag them onto windows media player as it states, making sure you have them in your preferred order)

4)insert your cd and click on START BURN in media player.

when the burning has finished you should be able to play it in the home or car cd player if you want to

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