Burning AVI to DVD

  GEN1S1S 13:41 26 Nov 2005

I am trying to burn an AVI file to for playback through normal DVD player. I have converted the file from AVI to DVD format. But when i use NERO 6 it goes through the process to burn, starts then aborts saying 'Burn process failed at 4x(5.540KB/s) - I have tried lowering the speed to 2.4x(3.324KB/s) but get the same abort message.
Anyone with any ideas would be appreciated

  dangerusone 21:41 27 Dec 2005

has your converter made an ISO file, I used Avi2Dvd and though it seemed to take for ever to make the file, when I burned the DVD using Nero "click on the DVD/ISO file in Nero" I had no problems. Hope this helps but I'm no expert alas.Brian

  keith-236785 23:03 27 Dec 2005

if you have concverted te files to TS (dvd) files, use DVDshrink to burn the dvd. it is freeware and will copy ANY dvd onto a standard 4.7gig DVD (may have to shrink it a little hence the name)

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