Burner problem

  Blubottle 21:28 29 Jul 2003

A friend has asked me to cure a cd Burning problem which is ;-
Using EZCD creator 4.5 and a Sony CRX 200E.
many coasters later. the procedure starts ok but after about 5% of recording time it spits out the blank then it states " T0100 i/o error (06/C5/00) write error buffer underun.
T7127 trackwriter error flush failed
T7118 trackwriter error command.retry failed"
I get the job of solving this because he ain't got a clue. and I'm struggling.
any help please.
Henry Crun.!

  The Sack 21:31 29 Jul 2003

Is DMA on?

  -pops- 21:32 29 Jul 2003

Is this copying disk to disk "on the fly"?

If so, it means that it can't read fast enough to write successfully. Try copying to the hard drive first then writing to disk from that. Takes a little longer but you're more certain of a result.

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