burned cd won't work in car cd player

  blondi 08:30 01 May 2003

we have a nec 1100a dvd+rw. i copied some tracks from music cds to a cd-rw disk (via hard drive.). The new cd plays ok on computer and on television dvd player but not on car system, sony walkman or (admittedly old) music cd player.
Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it a case of old/new incompatability?

  Morpheus © 08:36 01 May 2003

i do not think that most CD,s which are CD-RW will work in most home HI-FI's they will if you use CDR'S

  Confab 08:36 01 May 2003

Most CD players won't play CDRW's. Try a CDR and it will work.


  gudda96 08:37 01 May 2003

Hi Blondi

It is because you burned on to a cd-rw instead of a cd-r.

You can play a cd-r in any cd slot but a cd-rw is restricted to a cd-rom(I think).

Others better than me will help you further but I dont think I am far off.

  TECHNODIMWIT 08:39 01 May 2003

some cd-r will work and some wont, especialy packard bell black, but there standard will.

never had a cd-rw work in anything other than the pc


  blondi 08:45 01 May 2003

great - thanks everyone ..i thought i was being cunning buying the cd-rw, ie could overwrite if i didn't like the result. Since i'll now be buying cd-r are there others that don't work so well- Mark has mentioned packard bell black - anything else I should stay clear of ?

  Coaster3 08:59 01 May 2003

If you have a Morrisons store close by, they are selling Imation 48x CDRs @ 3 boxes of ten for £10.00 complete with cases.

These CDRs are absolutely first class and I find they will play in anything.

  TECHNODIMWIT 09:54 01 May 2003

iv`e found 2 types of packard bell cd-r.

1 type comes in a 25 disc spindle, the discs are silver one side and black the other, with no print on either side. confused me till i realised you write to the black side.my in car cd doesn`t like them.

but there cd-r that come in cases work fine, no confusion as these are printed.


  dth 10:00 01 May 2003

another tip - is to not record the CDR at two high a speed (if it is for playing on a cd player rather than the p/c)

  leemgilbert 10:13 01 May 2003

I agree I also caint play cd-rws in my car either

I think you'll find that some of the newer and probably more expensive in-car CD Players do now play CD-RW's.

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