Burn Time?

  ened 06:23 05 Jul 2004

Hi there.
I have an LG 4082b DVD burner.
DVD-R Data discs take about 20 minutes to burn a full disc (4.5gig).
Yesterday I burnt an hour long film in high quality to a DVDRAM.
The file size on the comp. is 700meg and used up 2,5 gig on the disc.
The burn took over three hours.
Is this normal?

  powerless 07:07 05 Jul 2004

700 MEG to 2.5GB.

I bet there is encoding going on, are you using nero or what burning software are you using?

  ened 07:15 05 Jul 2004

I am using the software which came with the unit:PowerProducer2 Gold.
I assumed the increase in size was because I was asking for 'High Quality' repro.
The original came from a VCR so I could have forgone that because you will only get as good as you start with.
But on this practice it would take nearly six hours to burn a full DVDRAM.
That doesn't sound right does it?
BTW It was supposedly recording @ 3X.

  hssutton 12:44 05 Jul 2004

Using the same model burner I have just created an high quality slide show using high res. images. File size 900Mbs. Rendering time took 45 minutes, actual burn time using 2x disk 6.5 minutes.

  ened 18:46 05 Jul 2004

What software were you using?

  hssutton 19:26 05 Jul 2004

I normally use Roxios CD & DVD creator v6, but for creating & burning slideshows I use ProShow Gold

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