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BURN speeds

  herc182 09:57 14 Feb 2003

WHy is it that when i burn a music CD, on a cdr,
on easy cd creator, at 40x that it never actually reaches this speed. it rarely peaks above 20x.

Is that normal?
It takes quite a while to burn an 18 track CD this way!!


  herc182 10:23 14 Feb 2003

the cdr is designed for 48x my cd writer writes at 40x. cant see why my write speeds are so low. the cdr brand is memorex (which aint bad!). although it has peaked at 20x it is regularly below that speed.
any more ideas??

Patr100 what is the download that i can get to burn at faster speeds??


  herc182 11:56 14 Feb 2003

i am burning from the HDD. the thing is that when i read reviews in the magazine, they judge how fast a CD writer is by saying that it took this long to burn at 40x. my point is, how do they achieve the max speeds for the reviews to benchmark?

Does the cd writer burn DATA quicker than MUSIC?

Thanks for your help people, greatly appreciated

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