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Burn PDF file to CD or DVD Disc

  tonyq 16:20 28 Jan 2020

Hi, I need to burn a PDF file (3MB)to disc, for viewing on a TV via dvd player. Does it matter if it is to CD or DVD ?

  Aitchbee 22:34 30 Jan 2020

Try it again with the files renamed in this fashion: whs.01 whs.02 whs.03 etc.

  tonyq 13:52 31 Jan 2020

Thank you, will give your suggestions a try. PS No trouble when viewing on a PC.

  tonyq 16:11 31 Jan 2020

Finally completed the task. I renamed them as suggested WHS01 ect which seemed to have worked, then noticed that there were 65 files instead of 85. So I converted all of the PDF files to jpeg again using click here (there are other sites)and left the numbering as downloaded 001 002 ect. Loaded them on to usb drive, now works well. Thank you all for your help/advice, will now try putting them on to a CD/DVD to try. No rush as the DVD player is playing up, door not opening,considering buying a new one. Thanks again.

  x13 16:23 31 Jan 2020

Glad you're sorted and thanks for the feedback.

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