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Burn PDF file to CD or DVD Disc

  tonyq 16:20 28 Jan 2020

Hi, I need to burn a PDF file (3MB)to disc, for viewing on a TV via dvd player. Does it matter if it is to CD or DVD ?

  wee eddie 16:52 28 Jan 2020

Don't wish to dishearten you but, I don't think that a TV will be able to read a PDF off a CD or DVD.

I think that you'll need to connect a Computer to the TV, to be able to do that

  x13 16:53 28 Jan 2020

Possibly convert the PDFs to jpegs and use a burning software that has the ability to create slideshows on CDs. Just a suggestion though as never done it.

  tonyq 17:36 28 Jan 2020

Thank you wee eddie & x13, never thought of converting the PDFs to jpegs good idea. Will give it a try.

  tonyq 18:01 28 Jan 2020

Suggestions for resolution of pictures please,and CD or DVD ?. At the moment they are 11.693 inch x 6.577 inch x 300 pixels per inch.

  x13 06:48 29 Jan 2020

I'm afraid you're on your own there as far as I'm concerned as never done it. If you have a DVD-RW disc you can experiment without wasting a pile of them. If you need to split PDFs to single pages to convert to jpegs then have a look at PDFsam Basic . Good luck.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:31 29 Jan 2020


put it on your phone and then cast the phone to the TV

  tonyq 20:04 30 Jan 2020

Hi all, I have now got them all as jpegs on a usb stick,named with a number eg WHS (1) WHS (2)ect. The problem is when I put the usb in the TV to play they are shown in a incorrect order which is no good,I have tried different names to no please.

  x13 20:23 30 Jan 2020

I don't know if it will make a difference but numbering files and folders should be done with two digits, ie, WHS01 - WHS02 etc.

  wee eddie 20:28 30 Jan 2020

It may not recognise the () symbols

  x13 20:53 30 Jan 2020

Try batch renaming in file explorer.

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