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  User-394903 10:49 18 Mar 2008

Good morning all,
Win xp with sp2 on a hp pavilion pc.
A free zipped music folder containing 125 codas (ends of songs/music) was downloaded. The contents were then extracted and, one by one, put into a new folder, which was stored in my documents. The folder was opened and a cd was put in the drive ready for burning. I clicked on 'Burn all files to a cd.' All the files went over to the r/hand side of the windows media payer and were ready to burn. I clicked 'burn now'. The files burned onto the cd up to 102 and then ejected the cd. From file 103 - 125 was the message 'Will not fit.' The size of the files vary from 9 secs to 30 odd each, so the disc is not full.
My question is, why can't I get all the files onto one disc.
I have searched the site but couldn't find anything that answered the question.
Thank you in advance.

  eedcam 10:57 18 Mar 2008

What size is the folder and what size the cd

  User-394903 11:24 18 Mar 2008

Hi eedcam,
The size of the cd is 80 mins/700mb and shows plenty of room on it. How would I have found the size of the folder? I have since deleted it but it can be d/loaded again.

  MAJ 11:26 18 Mar 2008

Any chance of a link to the free folder?

  User-394903 11:26 18 Mar 2008

I have to go out. Be back soon, I hope.

  User-394903 14:26 18 Mar 2008

Hi maj,
Sorry about the delay in getting back. I don't know if I should do this but here is the w/a click here It is a sight that anyone can use who is interested in this kind of harmony singing.

  MAJ 15:47 18 Mar 2008

Ah I see what's happening, digijack, Media Player is creating an Audio disk. There are probably too many files to do that and fit on a CD. What you have to do is burn a data CD. I'm not sure if Windows will do that for you or not, but CDBurnerXP will click here choose the "Create a new Data CD" option when CDBurnerXP opens, then just drag all the mp3s across.

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